Nebulous Omen

The galaxy is sick. It is more than a plague or an outbreak that medicine can fix. This sickness runs deeper and medicine cannot cure it.

We try our best to not see it, but it stalks us. We try our best to ignore just how bad things have gotten, but it watches us. We try our best to enjoy all that life has to offer, but that just makes it worse.

No matter how hard we try to ignore the problem the worse it gets. The sickness shows itself in what we see. It shows itself with the violent crimes, the plagues and the physical sickness that has caused our government, The Republic of Allied Systems, to abandon planets that they deem too lost to fight for. But we are wrong, those are only the symptoms…

This Nebulous Omen of what the future has in store for us is a bleak one. Science has gone so far, but it cannot fix this. Live long and proper, yeah we do that, unless you are one of the unlucky ones that live on the many systems that are being targeted by the symptoms.

HOPE tries to help, but they cannot. They make the symptoms better, not the sickness. Only the Children of Light know the sickness, but they can’t help everyone. Hell not everyone wants help, I’m not sure if I do. I just know that there is something wicked heading this way and the illness is at the heart of whatever that something is.

That is our Nebulous Omen…

Nebulous Omen

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