Atalis 3

Habitat: Breathable Type I
Guardian: Ethanta
RAS Joined: Yes
Size: Medium
Population: 4 Billion
Government: Communist Democracy
Percentage Sick: < 10%
Exports: Medical Care and Goods
Imports: Food
Important Organizations: HOPE

Atalis 3 is a very unique place to live. Education is free. Housing is free. Electricity is free. Net access is free. Basic foods are free. Hell on system transportation is free. Your credits go much farther and the stresses of daily life are much lower here.

Atalis 3 provides medical care to all residences. Atalis 3 has a Communist government that takes care of the basic needs of the people. People are then free to pursue their true interests.

Atalis 3 has the top medical professionals and is the home of HOPE. Atalis 3 is also the system with the least signs of The Sickness with less than 1% infected. Going hand and hand with that is the lowest crime rate in the Galaxy.

Higher Education is required as is 4 years of civil service. Once a person has gone through the higher education and the civil service they are free to pursue any profession they wish. Most use the time in civil service to learn about things that they like and enjoy as well as some things they do not.

Unemployment practically does not exist. If you have trouble finding a job and spend 60 days out of work without medical reasons for doing so then you are required to work as a civil servant until you find another job.

These jobs however do not come without perks. Civil Servants after 60 days are eligible for 3 weeks vacation. After a year that increases to 6 weeks. Also, politicians can only serve in the same office for 10 years and can only serve that in up to 5 year periods. After the 5 years they cannot take another political position for 2 years. This was put in place to make lifetime politicians have some connection to the people they are representing.

Atalis 3 cares very much about the environment and the people that live there, so much so that they will not let many corporations do business on Atalis 3. If the corporation does not pass an environments, society and employee satisfaction screening they cannot get a permit to even trade goods on Atalis 3.

Citizens of Atalis 3 make wages that are less than other systems, but on a single salary for the household all their needs can be met and many wants as well. It is certainly a sign of hope in a grim galaxy full of suffering.

Atalis 3

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