House Rules

Savage Worlds Sources

We will be using the following books for source materials:

Savage Worlds Deluxe
Savage Worlds Horror Companion
Savage Worlds Sci-Fi Companion

We will be using the psionics to a limited capacity. I could draw some from Interface Zero as well. FTL travel rules will be used as well as much of the Sci-Fi rules.

New Hindrances

Tainted – Major – You have the taint of Eifah or the Darkness upon you. This mark is a spiritual mark that only effect you in situations where someone is sensitive to this. -2 situational modifier to Charisma. -1 to resist the Sickness

the Sickness – Minor/Major – You have the sickness to some degree. The sickness could be starting to take you (Minor) or it fully has you (Major). The sickness manifests in many different ways please see The Sickness for more details.

House Rules

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