Humans are the most populous species in the galaxy. The general quest for expansion have lead them to exist on every populated system and on most counts have overpopulated the native species. Humans are native to many systems seeming to be the template that all other forms of sentience stemmed from.


Navuri are a species from the system Navur 3 and typically stand a few inches taller on average to a human and have brighter features. The hair colors have a natural tendency to be very bright yellows, greens, blues or purples. Their eyes typically match the hair. Navur is a very bright planet with foliage to match. Navuri look very exotic and have a very diverse vocal range leading them to be very successful pop stars.


Yuri are species around the same height as human, but have elongated limbs and fingers. Their toes are also much longer. Their skeletal structure is very light and they have hollow bones making them fragile but very quick. The planet Yuri 6 has very low gravity. Yuri make up for their physical limitations with agility and intellect.


Chit are the second most populous species in the galaxy. Chit are small sentient creatures covered with fine hair. With the tails and small horns and the fact that the systems that they call home all have a strong issue with The Sickness they are typically seen as some deformity of the Sickness. They are typically referred to as Imps. The places they call home are expanding nearly at the same rate as humans.


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