The Sickness

The Sickness is more than a plague or disease. It is something that runs deeper than that to the core of the galaxy. This sickness manifests in many different ways ranging from actual diseases and plagues all the way to violent crimes of the most depraved nature.

To say everyone has it would not be far from the truth, but the whole galaxy has it. No one can pin point when the sickness began to creep in. The Children of Light say that it was over a thousand years ago, but what do they know. All we know is that it slipped into our daily life like new technology.

It shows itself differently on the different planets it affects, and as soon as we kill one plague it just changes up and into something else. On others it is violent crime and we’re not just talking murder but murder that involves an excessive amount of torture. Some even say that it goes so far on the lost worlds that men and women scar themselves in sick, twisted rituals that they believe give them supernatural powers.

The heart of this sickness is unknown, but it’s everywhere. If a place gets bad enough that’s when the government turns their back on them, even HOPE stops trying. We call those planets The Lost.

Creatures of the Sickness

Spawn – The spawn of fallen Helpers and another species.
Chit – Also known as Imps and it is suspected that these creatures are products of the Sickness.
Hounds – Hounds are sickly beasts with exposed skeletal structure of unknown origins
Talons – Skinless humanoids with 3 inch long claws for fingers
Murmurs – Said to be lost spirits of those killed by the Sickness, many of them are small children or other innocent souls taken by the Sickness.
Waifs – Depraved humanoids that have lost their sanity to the Sickness and all that is left is something less than human.

The Sickness

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