If Eifah is the most evil, Nijaad would have to be the most vile. Nijaad took the work of Eifah and twisted it to an even worse situation. Many of the lost systems fell to the will of Nijaad. Nijaad is responsible for some of the most corrupt and sickening things in the Galaxy as a whole.

Nijaad once called Eifah an ally, but that time has come to an end. That was just long enough for Nijaad to learn how The Sickness worked and how he could manipulate it. Once he learned that, Eifah no longer served any purpose to him. From that point he considered Eifah his enemy.

Eifah is not his first enemy, no his first enemy is humanity as a whole. He must warp and twist them to his cause and to his will. Then and only then will he take down Eifah and herald himself as the new Lord of All. Savage corruption and wanton destruction are his calling cards. Sexual depravity is only the beginning of the Sickness that Nijaad calls forth.

Where Eifah and Nijaad differ is Nijaad has a smaller fire that burns more intense and Eifah has a much larger fire with a more controlled burn. Eifah has more sway in the Galaxy, but Nijaad has no respect or patience for the slow control. He wants everything to fall to the sickness now instead of over time. Through this intensity Nijaad burns his candle on both ends.

“If only these humans didn’t die so easy… then they could really be useful. You get them the way you want them and then… they break.” ~Nijaad

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