Children of Light

Religion is a bygone thing. Science and technology has practically killed all forms of religion. Only one major religion remains, the Children of Light. The Children of Light are mocked and laughed at everywhere they travel for being idiots or stuck in the ancient past when people still used paper for books.

The Children are easy to spot, on most days they wear a white robe and shawl covering everything but their faces. The front of their daily outfit has a golden arrow going down the front. On special days they will wear a red and white. Once a year they wear a gold and white robe. One other time a year they were a black robe with a red arrow.

The Children of Light believe in a peace loving creator spirit that watches over them. They are to stand in opposition to the dark evils of the galaxy and help lead people out of that darkness. They also believe that The Sickness is the manifestation of a great evil spirit they call Eifah.

Beliefs and Practices

  • Refrain from all taints of Eifah
  • Always help those that desire help
  • Show mercy to all
  • Always remained covered when outside of sacred spaces to help fight off the taints of Eifah that exists in all places
  • Do not eat unnatural things
  • Observe the days of light and keep them sacred
  • Do not pollute your mind or body with the unclean
  • Stand in opposition to those who force evil onto another
  • Always help those that fight for the light even if they do not know it is the light they fight for.
  • Marriage is a union blessed by the Light and is sacred


The Sacred Soul – There will come a time when the grasp of Eifah becomes more than the galaxy can handle. When that time comes there will be a child of pure innocence. This child will be born in the heart of Eifah’s corruption. This sacred child will be able to purify those corrupted by Eifah and even the heart and soul of the very planets that it touches.

View on the Sickness

The Sickness is the manifestation of Eifah’s grasp as well as a result of humanity trying to push themselves away from the Light. The sickness is not a plague or illness that can be cured by science or medicine, it is a spiritual sickness that runs so deep that it has infected the spirit of the galaxy itself.

The sickness can only be prevented by living pure lives. Those that turn from the ways of the darkness will be cured. Oddly enough there has been no recorded incident of a Child of Light of contracting any of the aspects of the Sickness.


Martyrs – The Old Faith Walkers

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Children of Light

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