“I speak to the waking mind of the dreamer; the conscious of the wicked; the hopes and dreams of the lost. I hold the hand of the seeker and speak solace to the scorned. I am the voice of the sick and the thoughts of the healthy. I am Eifah:

Every mythology has their great villians, for the children of light Eifah is just that. He is the beast that lurks in the shadows. He is the great evil that many of them fear. His name is not the only one, but it is the one that breeds the most fear.

Eifah is a Guardian that many say is responsible for The Sickness. Now this many are the Children of Light, the rest of the galaxy probably wouldn’t know the name if it were tattooed to the side of their face. For the Children of Light this is the boogie man. This is the monster above all other monsters. This being is what they fear more than death.

Now the Children of Light seem to know something that the rest of us do not, because Eifah is at least a monster. At the most it is the greatest evil and according to the restricted works of the Children of Light, the source of the sickness as well as many of the monsters that have started showing their face.

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