In the beginning the Creator did not wish to exist in solitude. This creator wanted others to aid in the creation. It wanted these beings to have free will. It wanted them to care for the creations they made.

The Creator made the Guardians for this purpose. They each were given dominion over a star and the planets that circled them. The creator gave them additional power and abilities determined by the number of planets that could sustain life. It called them Guardians.

The Creator gave them one task to create the life on the planets that could sustain it. They were to create every living thing from plants and trees to animals and bugs. He gave them no blueprints to follow aside from the forms that they were created in.

This helped shape the identity of what sentient life would be defined. So they began. The task however was daunting so the Guardians created Helpers to help them shape what was to be. From there all that we know was created.

Over the thousands of years that we have existed things evolved. The Guardians and Helpers continued to tweak and modify the beings they had made. They watched us grow and when we created a plague that would wipe us out… they would change us a bit more. Now in all this one being, Eifah wanted to see what all the creations that he had made could stand.

This is known by the Children of Light as the Fall of the Guard. Eifah’s experiments did not stop there. He would continue until the whole system that he was in control of became sick, twisted and perverse. The other Guardians took notice, many of them were inspired to follow suite, others watched in horror.

As the guard continued to fall, those that watched on were taken over unless they stood to fight. Since it has been a war of influence and the Sickness was born.

Known Guardians

Eifah – The Guardian that is suspected to be responsible for the Sickness
Nijaad – Current Guardian of Levi
Ethanta – Guardian of Atalis 3
Pallian – Guardian of Kythrin 2
Kalil – Guardian of Onthelus
JavanAKA Middridge Original Guardian of Onthelus
Sliphin – Julian’s original Guardian.
Jydin – Guardian killed by Javan original Guardian of Pyth

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