“There is a lot to be said about a person’s ambition. It speaks a lot about the drive they have as well as where their mind wanders. You can tell if someone is a dreamer or realist; idealist or defeatist. You can also tell if the person is just a damned fool.” ~Julian

Julian is how everyone knows him. It could be Uncle Julian or Mr. Julian but most know him as Julian. He is a man about 6 feet tall a little on the heavy set side with curly black hair that he keeps short.

Julian always wears a suit and tie. He dresses in the latest business fashion and does not care if people realize that he has some credits. Julian has a soft spot for kids and always has a few pieces of candy for them.

No one really knows where Julian’s credits come from or what he does for a living. Actually outside of general personality no one really knows much about his personal life. What you can tell about him is that he is well schooled, cultured and has a great mind for people and business. A few common thoughts about his wealth is that it deals with either business or sales.

Julian is a man with a lot of secret. His secrets have a lot to do with the Scarlet Arts Society. He wears a ring of the Society which means that he is a ranking member. Julian seems to be a very social individual and love a good party or club.


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